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Arrambam movie review


Cast – Ajith, Arya, Nayanthara, Taapsee, Rana Daggupati
Direction – Vishnuvardhan
Cinematography – Om Prakash
Music – Yuvan Shankar Raja
Written by – Suba, Vishnuvardhan

Ashok Kumar (Ajith) a wanted bomber in Mumbai, kidnaps Arjun (Arya) with the help of Maya (Nayanthara) his associate and also the college mate of Arjun. Ashok also takes hostage of Anitha (Taapsee), Arjun’s lover without her knowledge threatens to kill her if Arjun does not oblige to his orders. He causes damages to a multi-crore channel network owner and also the Home Minister (Mahesh Manjrekar) however gets arrested in the middle of his mission.

Arjun gets to know the reason behind Ashok’s activities from Maya and voluntarily offers to help him in completing the mission Ashok and Arjun take unite to successfully thwart the plans of a Mafia that includes the Home Minister and a Police Higher Official (Atul Kulkarni) that would compromise the country’s security for the sake of money.
Story Review

The much expected film of the year that sees the re-union of Ajith and Vishnuvardhan after the 2007 super hit Billa which was a remade film revolves around a Hero taking on a mighty gang of baddies with the help of a few. However it’s not a usual macho man v/s mafia fare since it touches the Corruption spread over the Indian Security system especially the issue of buying low quality bullet proof jackets which took away the life of few brave warriors during the 26/11 Mumbai terror.

The movie is filled with action sequences and most of them are crafter nicely. No scene except the flashback of Arjun tests your patience if not so enticing. The scenes that include Arjun’s attempts to escape from Ashok are handled neatly. The flashback sequence of Ashok where he loses his friend cum colleague Sanjay (Rana Daggupati) offers scope for emotional content and that sequence is broadly engaging despite being stretched than required.

The ensuing episodes in Dubai and the portions leading to climax have a lot of logical lapses however but some may accept them as commercial compromises in a film that has a Mass hero like Ajith.

The movie has limited scope to offer something new. Many scenes give a dejavu feel. However the technical concepts like hacking and also the stylish making ensure a new outlook to the film.
Performance review

Ajith is a show stealer. In the first half he gets to do suave and carefree role with shades of grey convincingly the second half shows him as an upright Police officer questioning the corruption network where he emotes with aplomb.

Nayanthara looks ravishing and thankfully not reduced to a glam doll. Her performance as Ajith’s accomplice is appreciable.

Aarya excels in the role tailor made to him. Tapsee looks cute and does not have scope to perform barring a few cute expressions.

Rana Daggupati as Ajith’s colleague losing his life during an operation against terrorist makes quite an impact. Mahesh Manjrekar is the only notable performer among the gang of villains.

Suma Ranganathan who has made a comeback in Tamil films looks young for her age. Kishore as another Police officer has done his part well.

Writer duo Suba’s dialogues are impressive especially in the scenes where Ajith takes on the Corrupt Police officer and the Politician and also the climax.

Yuvan’s songs fail to make any impact and their bad placement makes further damage. However the background score is very good especially in the scenes focusing the mass of Ajith. Om Prakash’s lenses have captured Mumbai in its true colors.

Plus Points

Stylish Making


This technically brilliant film of Vishnuvardhan, focuses on the vital subject of corruption in Indian security agencies.

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Arrambam movie review