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Theri Live Review


6:15 am Theater is fully filled with Vijay fans for the First Day First Show

6:18 am Some ads were screening

6:20 am Theri Certificate is shown which made the fans go frenzy

6:22 am Vijay’s name was shown, which made the fans to stand up throw flowers for their dearest hero

6:23 am Titles was been shown continously, The titles back ground were in the style of Thuppaki and Kaththi with G V Prakash’s strong BGM

6:25 AM Nainika had her intro after a short while which Vijay too has given his intro(Whole Theater roars).

6:26 am Vijay does a bike chase and Skiding(The camera work of this scene by George C Williams is brilliant)

6:28 am After a cute comedy, Eena Meena Teeka songs starts with Vijay, Nainika, Rajendran.

6:28 am Amy Jackson’s entry as Nainika teacher. She speaks malayalam, which made the malayalam fans to go gaga

6:29 am Eena Meena Teeka song continues.

6:31 am After the cute relation of Daughter and Father, Vijay’s profession as a Bakery owner is shown.

6:32 am A cute scene between Vijay, Amy and Nainika in which Amy Jackson advises Vijay telling words from Bible.

6:33 am Confusion developed from some local Malayalee goonda’s and Amy Jackson.

6:36 Nainika and Amy met with an accident and Vijay becomes tensed and afraid.

6:40 Vijay withdraw’s the case which Amy had given and speaks perfect Malayalam(Crowd roars) and One Police officer suspects Vijay as a Police Officer

6:45 Vijay is beaten by same goon’s and Vijay who till now acted as a poor father, reforms to a perfect action hero. First Fight scene….At the same time Amy too realize that Vijay is a Police officer.

6:46 Vijay telling Flash back story to Amy.

6:50 Vijay takes a stick to hit rowdy’s and recites Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.(Vijay is shown as a different kind of Upright Police Officer)

6:55 Jithu Jilladi Song comes with flying colors and brilliant CG Works.

6:59 am Combination scenes of Vijay and Radhika starts, they goes to Sunaina’s house for speaking alliance.

7:00am Sunaina calls Vijay ‘Brother’

7:01 am Vijay takes a Lungi and dances for Dhanush’s Otha Sollaala Song.(Vijay is cute and at the same time bold in his Police character)

7:03 am Another fight scene in Chennai City signal, Brilliant Set work by Art Director Muthuraj.

7:10 am Samantha’ as intro as a Doctor who is dressing wounds of Goonda’s beaten by Vijay.

7:13 am Vijay and Samantha exchange some emotional conversation.

7:20 am Vijay and Samantha fells in Love

7:23 am Chellakutty song starts with Vijay in Dwarf condition –  a brilliant work. A Super melodic Peppy duet with some lovely background visuals.(Crowds clap along with the song)

7:32 am Vijay encounters with a serious Man missing case, which he deals brilliantly. From Now films mode changes to its hardcore story even Vijay becomes more bold and mass.(Good response for each scenes done by Vijay from the audience)

7:36 am Prabhu’s Intro

7:38 am Mahendran’s Intro scene

7:46 am Intermission after a set of Bold dialogues between Vijay and Mahendran.

8:12 am Film resumes, again it goes to present time with Vijay stops telling flash back on Nainika’s entry.

8:13 am Again Flash back starts with Rajendran reciting the story to Amy in Bakery.

8:14 am Vijay goes to meet Samantha’s father, Vijay uses many emotional dialogues and all that are sweet and calm

8:15 am Sudden gun fire breaks the silence.

8:17 am Samantha’s family gets afraid of all these fights.

8:19 am Emotional dialogues between Samantha and Vijay(We can see a Vera level Vijay in all these scenes)

8:20 am En Jeevan Song comes with strong Chemistry between Samantha and Vijay, the song ends with Samantha becoming pregnant after marriage

8:35 am Mahendran and Brother does Revenge on Vijay.

8:37 am Again combination scenes of Vijay and Nainia speaking big things from her little mouth to Vijay.

8:39 am Mahendran again tries revenge on Vijay’s duaghter Nainika, and here Vijay dives from a Bridge.

8:47 am Mahendran’s challenge makes Vijay back into his Angry Police man’s action mode.

9:10 am  strong message from Naianika – Vijay about repentance after doing a mistake and that Parenting and fathering is the main thing that makes the offspring good or bad.

9:16 am Vijay and her real life daughter Sasha moves in Bullet Bike in North India(Divya Sasha’s Intro)

9:16 am Vijay in North India with Short hairdo style gets an another assignment, Divya Sasha utters Theri Baby, Vijay moves his hands like a gun shot(Chance for a second Part Theri 2)

9:17 am Raangu Song with Vijay, Amy Jackson and Nainika, its too peppy.





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Theri Live Review