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A R Murugadoss Sarkar movie and Vijay political entry

A R Murugadoss Thalapathy 62 and Vijay political entry

A R Murugadoss Thalapathy 62 and Vijay political entry

From the time its proven that Thalapathy 62 is a mass Vijay – A R Murugadoss take on current affairs of Tamilnadu Politics with sharp dialogues with added  punch.

It has given room to expectations that the film may be set the tone for Vijay’s much expected political entry. senior actors Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth have announced their political entry. Their upcoming films are expected to have strong political content. Vijay fans have also started expressing their desire to see their matinee idol becoming a political power.

Thalapathy Vijay is one of the biggest mass heroes of Tamil Nadu, Director A.R.Murugadoss using mass hero Vijay made Thuppaki film which dealt with Soldiers dedication to the country & sleeper cells. Then A R Murugadoss made Kaththi starring Vijay which dealt with the Plight of farmers and other social relevant issues like water scarcity. Next in Thalapathy 62 A R murugadoss is making a Political movie dealing with the current political affairs of Tamilnadu.

A few section of Vijay fans dont want Vijay to enter into politics and a few scetion of fans wants Vijay to take a political plunge. Vijay has also been vocal about various political issues in the past as well as recently. In 201he even gave support for the AIADMK party which captured power and has been still ruling Tamil Nadu.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting Vijay during his campaign tour in Tamil Nadu for the 2014 General elections.

Recently a scene of a huge political rally was canned in Chennai and Vijay was also part of this scene. Adding veracity to reports for a Political convention scene  over ten thousand junior artists have been brought in for the shooting,  where you could see the erection of large political banners and cutouts, sets. Political cutout stills of Pala Karuppaiah and Radha Ravi(both are playing vital political characters in the film) are being widely circulated in the web. Reportedly of this particular political convention scene. 

Snaps from these particular scenes of the  film are on the web.These latest images from the shooting spot clearly show that the film not only deals with politics but takes a dig at the current scenario in Tamil Nadu. The stills show a giant cutout of Radha Ravi the chief minister and also another one shows Karu Pazhaniappan rejoining the party after rebelling against it.

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A R Murugadoss Sarkar movie and Vijay political entry